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Women’s Headcoverings

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The Orthodox Life

На русском: Женские Головных Платки
little_russian_girl_orthodoxFor 2000 years in the Orthodox Church, the tradition has been for women and girls to veil their heads during worship, whether at church for the liturgy, or at home for family prayer time.

What is the Scriptural and Patristic evidence for this tradition, and why is it important?

In this article, we will take a look at headcoverings in the Old Testament, headcoverings in the New Testament, headcoverings according to the early Church, headcoverings in icons, and headcoverings today. At the end of the article there are links to additional resources for learning about Christian headcoverings. . . .


NOTE: This is an old version of the headcovering article. The current, updated version of this article is available on the Russian Faith website, at the following location:

Russian Faith – Women’s Headcoverings


Headcoverings in the Old Testament

Centuries before the birth of…

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10 Reasons to Know a Little Bit of Church History

Fr Stephen Smuts

Who was Athanasius? In what century did the Protestant Reformation occur? Why was Jonathan Edwards important? What was the Second Great Awakening? In most churches, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who could answer these questions. Indeed, the study of church history has fallen on hard times. But here are 10 reasons why the average believer’s walk with Christ would be enriched by learning a bit of church history.

Those reasons are here.


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عبادة الأشخاص وتأليه الأفراد

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أكبر خدعة!

إنها أكبر خدعة رأيت شعوب كاملة عالقة بها… وكنت مأسور فيها ومازالت تريد أن تقتنصني… لكن هذا لن يلغي الحق ولن يلغي المناداه به بعلّو الصوت.

تلك الخدعة في شدتها… نجحت في الًتملك ممن يعتقدون أنهم يعبدون الإله الحقيقي خالق السماء والأرض…فالملحدين والشعوب التي لا تتبع الله لا يقعون في تلك الخدعة بسهولة مثلما يقع فيها من يظنون أنفسهم مؤمنون… إنها عبادة الأفراد وتأليههم.

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